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Blarney Castle, English Market & Jameson distillery

Blarney, English Market and Jameson Distillery 

Collection time 15 minutes after ship docks or pre-arranged from your hotel

Meeting at the Annie Moore Statue

This is the Irish part of the statue set the other is in Ellis Island New York, theses statues commemorate the historic links between the Port of Cork and New York.

Annie Moore (January 1, 1877-1923 was the first immigrant to the United States to pass through Ellis Island facility in New York Harbour. Annie departed from Cobh accompanied by her brothers Philip and Anthony aboard he steamship Nevada on January 1, 1892 her fifteenth birthday.

Looking up at the Blarney Stone

Blarney Castle (optional)

Although famous for people coming to climb the 100+ steps to kiss the Blarney stone the gardens are well worth taking the time to explore. The King of Munster was a hero- at least to one old woman. The story goes he rescued her from drowning in a raging river and in return the woman cast a spell to give him a gift of speech so powerful he could win allies to his cause. The catch- for some reason- was that he had to climb to the top of Blarney castle and kiss a particular stone for the spell to take affect. Unlike many of the wives tales and urban legends and myths one hears, the kissing of the Blarney Stone is also a tradition, one that is actively pursued despite risk of life and limb.

After visiting the castle you can spend some time souvenir hunting in the Blarney Woollen mills store.  

St. Anne's Church Shandon

On leaving Blarney our next stop is St. Anne's Church Shandon probably the most famous church in Cork City. The bells of the church were immortalised in the song "The banks of my own lovely lee" while the clock tower is known locally as the four faced liar due to each face of the clock telling a slightly different time. As an option for those with an agricultural or financial background a visit to the Cork Butter Museum can be included.

Entering the old part of Cork City via the Coal Quay and Corn Market Street to see the street scape of the old city and how it fits into the city today by stopping at the Cork Vision Centre on North Main Street.

The English Market (closed on Sunday)

A visit to the famous English Market which will delight all of your senses, this is a working food market that still serves the city with the best local meats, fish, vegetables, chesses, breads, chocolate and other delights. Made famous by the visit of Queen Elizabeth, the market is the oldest covered market in Ireland. 

You have the option to have lunch in the Farmgate Restaurant which overlooks the market hall or one of the many fine pubs or restaurants near the market in the heart of Cork City.

Jameson Distillery

(NB The tour for the distillery needs to be booked on line in advance by yourself )

After lunch a 20 minute drive brings us to the town of Middleton home of the Jameson Distillery. The Jameson experience is located in the Old Cork Distillery. The distillery operated for 150 years from 1825 to 1975, when the workers clocked off one Friday in July to start work in the new Middleton Distillery the following Monday. Thankfully the old distillery was kept intact and beautifully preserved the copper stills are a sight to see. There is a well stocked shop selling the Jameson brand and Jameson merchandise and the Malt house restaurant with an excellent the menu and of course a good Irish coffee to round off the tour.

We advise that tickets should be purchased on line ahead of the tour.




 St.Coleman's Cathedral, Cobh, Cork, Ireland

Time allowing before returning to your ship our final stop of the day is St. Colman's Cathedral high above Cobh, with commanding views over the harbour . In 1868 when the cathedral was begun it took an impressive 47 years to complete in full. Cobh or Queenstown as it was then called was a relatively prosperous place. This was because it was Ireland's principal emigration outlet, more than five million people emigrated from Ireland in the 19th century mainly to the United States, Australia and Canada of which a large proportion of them left from Queenstown and the cathedral would have been one of the last sights they would have had of their homeland.

To end the day if time allows a visit to the Cobh Heritage centre is recommended.





Tours duration 8 hours . Wheelchair vehicle available on request

 Cost for 1-4 persons €440.00 euro in 4 door branded taxi (1 person in front 3 persons in back)

 Cost for 5 to 7 persons is €560 in branded taxi (limited availability on larger vehicles)

Cost does not include entrance fees or lunch

 Cost subject to change