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Cork Highlights & Cruise Ship Special tour

Cork highlights & Cruise Ship Special tour

Collection time 15 minutes after your ship docks or pre-arranged collection from your hotel in Cork

Meeting point the Annie Moore statue when arriving by ship.

Annie Moore (January 1, 1877-1923) was the first immigrant to go to the United States and to pass through the Ellis Island facility in New York Harbour. She departed Cobh, County Cork accompanied by her brothers Philip and Anthony aboard the steamship Nevada on January 1st 1892 her fifteenth birthday.

This is the Irish version of the same statue that can be seen on Ellis Island, New York, USA, these statues commemorate the historic links between the Port of Cork and New York.

Blarney Castle (Optional)

First stop to beat the crowds we travel to Blarney Village the home of Blarney Castle and famous Blarney Stone, just in case you wish to climb the 100 stairs to kiss the Blarney Stone. The grounds of the castle are worth exploring as are the gardens of the castle with hidden waterfalls and the like. A stop at the Blarney Woollen mills for some retail therapy can also be done if you wish.

St. Anne's Church Shandon

On leaving Blarney our next stop is St. Anne's Church, Shandon on the north side of the city, probably one of the most famous churches in Cork City housing the famous Bells of Shandon which you can ring the bells were immortalised in the song "The banks of my own lovely Lee"

The Clock tower is known locally as the four faced liar due to each face telling a slightly different time. As an option for those with an agricultural or financial interest a visit to the Cork Butter museum can be included

Shandon Sweets Est 1928

Our next stop is just a short stroll around the corner to one of Corks oldest institutions Shandon Sweets where sweets are made the old the fashioned way by father and son Danny and Tony Linehan. All sweets are made by hand using pure ingredients since 1928. A chance to travel back in time and enjoy a clove rock or humbug.

On leaving Shandon Sweets we travel through the old heart of the city onto North Main Street to visit the Vision Center at St Peter's within it's ancient walls, beneath a restored vaulted ceiling it is an elegant modern intervention which incorporates a multi-purpose gallery and ancillary spaces. Or a visit to Elizabeth Fort, recently restored said to be one of the finest examples of a 17th century star-shaped fort. The fort itself has gone through a number of phases & rebuilds. Originally built in 1601 during the reign of Elizabeth I, it was replaced in 1624 by a stronger fort which had the same basic outline as that which survives today. Well worth a stroll for the views over the city.

English Market

The famous English Market still very much the beating heart of the city which shows the true flavour of Cork and the fine foods that we produce in Ireland from fish to sausages, Irish spiced beef and artisan breads, the smells and flavours all merge to give all of your senses a tour of their own.

A short drive over the South Gate bridge to visit the historic St. Fin Barre's Cathedral. The current cathedral is built on the site of at least two previous structures dedicated to Finbarr of Cork, The first dated from the 7th century with works continuing through the 12th century. The building was damaged during the siege of Cork in 1690 and a new structure was built in 1735.


Heading to Kinsale stopping at the famous Charles Fort with it's commanding views of Kinsale Harbour for photographs and then head into Kinsale to explore the colourful lanes of shops and for a lunch stop at one of the many fine restaurants/bars in the gourmet capital and maybe sample a pint of Guinness or any of the craft beers that we produce here in Ireland.

On leaving Kinsale we head back to Cobh where our final stop is St. Coleman's Cathedral in Cobh with it's spectacular views across the harbour, finally we arrive back at the Cobh Heritage centre where our day ends.





Tours duration 8 hours . Wheelchair vehicle available on request

 1-4 persons 4 door branded taxi saloon car (1 person in front 3 persons in back)

 1 to 8 persons in branded taxi Minibus (limited availability on larger vehicles)

Cost does not include entrance fees or lunch

 Cost subject to change

Cost does not include entrance fees or lunch

 Cost subject to change