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New Grange and the High Crosses tour

the High Crosses of Monisterboise,New Grange and Slane Castle

Collection from the ship at 08.30

We drive north for about an Hour to our first stop The Celtic High Crosses of Monisterbouise 

The historic ruins of Monasterboice are of an early Christian settlement in County Louth in Ireland, north of Drogheda. Founded in the late 5th century by Saint Buite (who died around 521), it was an important religious centre until the establishment of nearby Mellifont Abbey by the Cistercians in 1142. The settlement was captured by invading Vikings in 968 AD, who were then comprehensively expelled by Donal, the Irish High King of Tara. On the site, visitors can discover an old graveyard, two churches and a sundial but Monasterboice is most famous for its spectacular high crosses. Inside the ruins stands the impressive Muiredach's High Cross (5.5 metres high), regarded as the finest high cross in the whole of Ireland.

New Grange 

The oldest Building in Europe Newgrange predating the Egyptian pyramids by over 3000 years. Although Classified as a passage tomb it is now being accepted that Newgrange was more a temple of worship that a tomb. Aligned to the rising sun on the winter solstice this is when the magic of the site really comes to life. Above the entrance to the passage is a lintel window that runs to the centre of the mound at dawn on the winter solstice the sun shines through this window and lights up the chamber at the end of the passageway. This only happens for about 3 days either side of the solstice but you can share in the experience during your visit. Newgrange is the best known Irish passage tomb and dates to c.3,200BC. The large mound is approximately 80m in diameter and is surrounded at its base by a kerb of 97 stones. The most impressive of these stones is the highly-decorated Entrance Stone

Leaving Newgrange we follow the Boyne valley to the world famous music venue Slane castle for a tour of this historic castle and a light lunch in the cafe then taking a tour of the Distillery. Leaving Slane an 3.30 to finish your day at around 4.30

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Tours duration 8 hours . Wheelchair facility available

 Cost for 1-4 persons €440.00 euro in 4 door branded taxi (1 person in front 3 persons in back)

 Cost for 5 to 8 persons is €560 in branded taxi (limited availability on larger vehicles)

 Cost for unbranded executive 4 passenger car is €520 per day

 Cost for unbranded 7 passenger exeecutive minibus is €640 per day

Cost does not include entrance fees or lunch

 Cost subject to change