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Transfers & Multi Day Tours

AC Taxi Tours Transfer Tours

  • Why should you choose AC Taxi Tours over other companies what makes us different why do we stand out from the crowd well its our driver guides, our driver guides are all fulltime professional taxi drivers who all have a unique insight into their city, county and Ireland their local knowledge and experience is a goldmine just waiting for you to tap into. The way we run our transfers as tours is what makes us special and what we are offering you is a whole new way of seeing Ireland. Does the thought of having the freedom to decide when to stay and when to leave a city appeal to you? One of the big advantages for you as a client for travelling with us is that you’re not paying an expensive supplement for your drivers overnights and for days that you want to just chill out and explore the city you’re in, each leg of your journey with us has a new driver giving you a new exciting and different perspective on Ireland and its people.

Having the choice on how your day travelling with us is organised is in your hands, you can choose which one of the 3 options suits you best.

  • A direct quick A to B transfer
  • A half day transfer tour giving you 1 stop along the way
  • A full day transfer tour taking you on a leisurely scenic drive through the beautiful Irish countryside to your destination giving you the time to explore the wonderful sights of Ireland that come along the way.

So why should you choose to travel with AC Taxi Tours.

  • We use 5 separate driver hubs around Ireland, Dublin Galway, Kerry, Cork, and Kilkenny
  • The driver that picks you up is from the city that you’re travelling to and they are willing and able to tell you all about your destination and its place in Irish history,
  • The driver knows all the best places in the city you’re travelling to, where to eat where the best music is and all those other places worth visiting while there,
  • Even If you just want advice on what local tours are worth doing the driver will know
  • If you need a little advice or help in that city, you will have his number and email
  • Its your holiday and that’s what it should feel like A holiday.
  •  not a mad rush from tourist highlight to highlight while driving past some amazing places that you should not be missing.

Entry fees and Lunch are not included in Tour and transfer prices