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Our West Cork War of Independance Tour  takes you back to the time and places where modern Irish history was made probably the best known of the IRA brigades was the West cork brigade and today is all about their story . 

Starting at the Republican plot St. finbarrs cemetary in cork city then we travel to the Ambush site at Beal Na Blaithe where Michael Collins was killed by anti treaty forces. next we head to  the Kilmichael ambush site, the ambush near the village of Kilmichael in County Cork on 28 November 1920 was carried out by the Irish Republican Army during the Irish War of Independence. Thirty-six local IRA volunteers Led by the legendery Tom Barry killed seventeen members of the Royal Irish Constabulary's Auxiliary.  To learn more about this time in Irish history there is no better place than the Museum in Kilmurry. 


Price does not include entrance fees or lunch